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Cranberry, PA

Here are some of the new advertisers we've added.

We have a number of advertising opportunities in Cranberry at the moment. We are finishing the room books for the newly flagged Quality Inn, and we are updating the Comfort Inn books. We have several other hotels we have not started on yet. We are also doing "Desk Books" for the lobbies, and we have SIGNED CONTRACTS with a number of the hotels to get them displayed!! Don't be fooled by other companies claiming to "get you in to all the hotels" ... they CANNOT and WILL NOT be able to!! We have that in writing from some of the hotels -- that they CANNOT accept that sort of material.

Before advertising with ANYONE, ask 1) what am I really getting? 2) Where EXACTLY is it going to be distributed? 3) How many copies are going to be distributed [at each location]? Do you have SIGNED AGREEMENTS with the hotels to accept this material? etc. Do NOT ACCEPT "Our company has contacts and we are affiliates so they have to take them." .... That's a bald faced lie!! Each hotel can decide wheter or not to accept any sort of material -- except where they MAY NOT ACCEPT IT due to their corporate policy!! In other words their corporate policies say what they CANNOT accept, not what they MUST accept.

And finally, do a little research on what it costs to print/publish something. The costs of printing, and paper, and ink, etc. Add to that distribution costs (gas, time, etc) and the costs to design the work... if it sounds too good to be true, it *IS*. You are not getting what you think you are. And, while some of you may think our prices are high, most regular advertisers (with other companies and venues) feel we are TOO LOW for what we offer. They are looking for the "catch." The only catch is that we are a local company, we live here, we have low overhead, we don't print up fancey fliers to attract your money, ... we don't hire sales people we have to pay comissions --- we put OUR time and effort into making your money work as hard as we do. We put our effort into materials for YOUR CUSTOMERS -- not you!

Finally, we can't promise to deliver. That is up to you and your advertising and your company. But, we can deliver what we promise!! That is the NEW EYEBALLS on a regular basis -- not the same old mailing lits an people who have already seen your ads. We put your ads under the eyes of people ready to BUY or SHOP or GO OUT NOW!!

The *FULL* Best of the Burgh site is on the way.